What would you do with Donald Trump if he had to spend 2 days in your house

Get him to build a new wall in my garden

play rocket league with him.

not a euphemism.

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And make him pay for it!


Beat him relentlessly and without mercy at Scrabble


Was well on board until the last couple of words


Beat him relentlessly and without mercy! At Scrabble…?

can’t really think of anything

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Shoot him.

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surely there must be some way you could convince him that climate change is real and racism is bad and shit if you could capture his attention for that long. maybe stage a fake fox news broadcast or some shit

or maybe just get him addicted to heroin idk

“only cucks think climate change is a myth and Schwarzenegger says he hates Slovenians and loves how racism taught him this.”

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Proably make endless jokes about it ‘smelling like trump’s in here’


knowing my tendency to completely chicken out of things I’d love to do, I’d probably end up doing the sofa bed really nicely for him, recommend a few good local pubs and ask if he needed me to leave the key under the doorstep when I go to work in the morning.


Constantly make the wanker gesture at him when he’s not looking and stop a fraction of a second after he turns round.


Watch The Iron Giant. When this popped into my head I hadn’t even considered the anti-nuke, anti-war underlying messages and now I think… Watch Die Hard instead then stick him into a hastily purchased chest freezer.

juuuust on the edge of medium rare :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand:

I genuinely think if you are a 25-80 year old white male of average intellect, you could convince him of anything if you got about ten minutes alone with him. The problem is that it would only stick for as long as it took him to switch on Fox again.

With that in mind, I think the best strategy is to convince him to give you a generous loan to build a whole bunch of walls, nukes, and monorails.


Bang him rotten. Phwoarrrrrrrrrr.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 on PlayStation and order in some KFC.

If there weren’t people in the world who cared about my safety…I’d kill him. 100%