What would you do


Have to have an ultrasound friday at 10am but i cant drink water for 6 hours before. This migjt be tricky cause waking up on a morning im.always dead thirsty. Would you

  • Get up at 5 to 4, have a drink and stay up
  • Get up at 5 to 4, have a drink.and go back.to sleep
  • Ride it out, water is for wimps

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got one of those ridiculous frozen coffee dessert things


City High lyrics needed revising


They didn’t say you can’t eat water did they? Scoff an ice cube.


I cant eat either!

Might shoot up some h20


As soon as i read the title back I thought this


Nice site


Congratulations! Hope you’re ok chief.






Idiot dickhead!


this is why I hesitated!!


I note that you haven’t edited your post to see if KenCu’s ok, you absolute monster!


I should be fine thanks though m56s!


I was thinking about our dear TKC’s health before I posted because I’m not an unscrupulous opportunist


please: we’re in the middle of a dispute, pal.


When I had surgery, I couldn’t eat for like I can’t remember how many hours before hand but I had to be at the hospital at 7am so I had to get up at 1am to eat a sandwich my bf had made me the night before.

It was a hummus sandwich that had gone very stale and dry.

It was the last thing I ate until I was operated on at 8pm! I had to sit all day thinking about that fucking awful sandwich.


Did you stay up or go back to sleep?


srs answer: maybe just gargle with water? when I wake up feeling v. thirsty, the worst bit is having a dry mouth. idk though.


but have a drink at that time, yeah. easy enough.