What would you do

Have to have an ultrasound friday at 10am but i cant drink water for 6 hours before. This migjt be tricky cause waking up on a morning im.always dead thirsty. Would you

  • Get up at 5 to 4, have a drink and stay up
  • Get up at 5 to 4, have a drink.and go back.to sleep
  • Ride it out, water is for wimps

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got one of those ridiculous frozen coffee dessert things


City High lyrics needed revising


They didn’t say you can’t eat water did they? Scoff an ice cube.

I cant eat either!

Might shoot up some h20

As soon as i read the title back I thought this

Nice site

Congratulations! Hope you’re ok chief.


Idiot dickhead!

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I note that you haven’t edited your post to see if KenCu’s ok, you absolute monster!

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I should be fine thanks though m56s!


When I had surgery, I couldn’t eat for like I can’t remember how many hours before hand but I had to be at the hospital at 7am so I had to get up at 1am to eat a sandwich my bf had made me the night before.

It was a hummus sandwich that had gone very stale and dry.

It was the last thing I ate until I was operated on at 8pm! I had to sit all day thinking about that fucking awful sandwich.


Did you stay up or go back to sleep?

Hadnt considered that!

Once had an ultrasound on my bollock.
The weirdest bit was where you had to lube yourself up with the ultrasound gel. Like, would have been weirder if they had done it but…
Also the nurse, who seemed quite unnecessary, went behind a little screen,to maintain my modesty, even though I was doing it under a sheet.

Oh thats what im doing. Fuck sake

What came of yours if you dont mind me asking

Well now you know the game, son. Get in there, you grab that lube and sort yourself out (easy!) before anyone says a word.
Good luck, hope all is well

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Drink beer

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Oh aye I have had my misters checked out. I was just laughing to myself how awkward it is.

They think its a muscle problem in my groin. Im not too worried about that, just how thirsty ill be ha