What would you do?

Let’s say you got burgled (sorry to hear that, mate) and you were claiming the losses on your insurance. One of the items stolen was a ridiculously extensive tag heuer watch that you’ve had for five years and have no receipt or proof of payment for. The insurance company won’t take the warranty as proof alone and have asked for a photo of you wearing the watch. You have one, but in the photo you’re proudly wearing the watch around your cock and balls.

Would you send the photo?

I don’t see why not

get up on my feet and stop making tired excuses


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Sorry to hear that though, mate)

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I don’t have a cock and balls


sorry to hear that mate

@ladies - in your photo, you have the watch draped across your lady-garden

Tick cock.

Sorry but that’s the best I’ve got.

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You get points for effort in this thread, so well done you!

depends how much I cared about the watch

got one of those ridiculous frozen coffee dessert things


FFS. Right, imagine it was a really expensive brake cable or something.


probably just let it go tbh

on the other hand you’ll never have to see the person you send the photo to but oh my god imagine working in insurance and then getting sent nsfw insurance claim photos, it’d be awful / amazing

Would they have to inspect your junk to prove its you?
Does your claims adjuster look like they’d have a gentle touch

You’d have to supply a separate photo showing that the c&bs are also yours, right?

A watch on some disembodied gonads proves nothing.

I bet they have a gallery of all the best ones

The last line made me laugh out loud, thanks.

Blur out the bits of genitals around the watch?

@saps @safebruv it’s clear from the photo that it’s your tackle. Your face is in the photo, beaming proudly.

I’m now confused as to why I couldn’t imagine a photo that contained both geographical areas.

Thanks s’punky. For clearing that up.

I think the only option here is to get “your friend” to send it it to one of us, then we can judge better?

Right guys?

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You have PM :heart_eyes:

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