What would you like for your birthday?

Anything good on your wish list? It’s my birthday later this month and the TV keeps asking what I’d like. Beyond a bread proofing basket I’ve no idea.

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It’s Mrs F’s birthday* on the 21st. Amongst other things I have bought her a jigsaw of a photo of our cat, Nene Leakes’ book and some Peter Rabbit bookends. Oh and loads of Studio Ghibli stuff.

*The day she has chosen to celebrate her birthday, which isn’t her actual birthday.

I was going to request the new Plymouth Argyle shirt but then I bought it so I dunno, maybe some new knives.


It’s mine in two months. I’ve said I don’t want anything because I’m at the age I can buy most material things I want, so telling someone to buy me something just feels weird. So I’ve suggested the family go away for the weekend and covid permitting that’s the plan.


It’s my birthday next month. Wouldn’t mind a new t-shirt or trainers or something.

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The jigsaw photo of your cat sounds awesome! Studio Ghibli stuff sounds good too. I’ve been rewatching lots of the films since they put them on Netflix.

(I also end up buying things I want myself)

Yeah she’s been watching them for the first time but likes physical copies of stuff so I’ve bought loads of the DVDs and a Ghibli tote bag that I’ll put them in all wrapped up, and some Totoro pins.


I’d like all the Tintins
or a voucher for currys or something so I can get a new laptop that works

I’d like to go to Stockholm.

Failing that, wine, dresses, books and boots.

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Yeah that’s my issue, if there’s something I want then I buy it for myself. Plus there isn’t much that I actually want. I had this at Christmas too so said let’s just go away somewhere in the year (currently on hold of course).

Maybe a family day out could be nice.


Trainers are usually a good shout; I got some for my birthday last year and they’re still doing fine. A band tshirt could be a good idea and will support bands who haven’t been able to gig too.

What does ‘all the Tintins‘ mean? Films?

Bag of cancans.


all the original books

probably shit now but it’d be a nice nostalgic gift and they’d probably look nice

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I should be in Sweden RIGHT NOW attending a doctoral summer school which is now online.

Books are a great idea!

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Genuinely laughed at this.

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Ah that sounds nice.

Put these in the trainers thread. They look good and a couple of guys have picked them up

We’ll see


Woah, it’s mine in two months less one day

I’m a bit later. I share my birthday with avo

I’m rubbish at thinking of stuff for my birthday. Never know what to ask for. Wouldn’t mind a Low t-shirt.

It’s Mrs CCB’s 40th on the 22nd and I’m slightly panicking as I’ve embarked on a project that I think is going to fall on its arse

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