What would you like for your birthday?

It’s my bfs on Thursday so I got him a Sonos and some slippers :woman_shrugging:


I have this, but in blue. It’s lovely.

Great deal here, too


A chest bed with a bookcase headboard and very firm mattress. Also, a dental visit. Two dental visits, one for me and one for my cat.

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i’m hoping to have built a computer by my birthday in july through donated pieces. think I just need to buy the case, so that.

Are dental appointments as expensive as hospital stuff in the US too?

fuuuuck that’s so cheap

someone gimme £50


Had mine earlier in the year. Got a new lamp for the front room, if that helps.

4 of these glasses


Some santal 33 as the mini bottle I saved up for for 9 months was stolen from work (and it was brand new, waaaa)

And this


Oh and this book


And some extra virgin olive oil from Beluza

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Peace and quiet, mainly. Some nice tea.


Not only expensive but what is covered by insurance hasn’t been updated in decades.

Oh yeah, also got Mrs F a Barefoot Contessa cookbook, think it was the most expensive present.

Would love one of those table jugs also, could only afford a little milk jug so far:


You seem very excellent at birthdays Funky :+1:

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I just want a night out with people I care about. It looks likely given tis in october

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I wish I had a nice set of the Asterix books. I’ve got all the ones I grew up with as a kid (Secret Weapon was the last one I read) but I bought them piecemeal second hand over the years so they’re all different editions, sizes and conditions. A treasure trove of comic goodness, but not very aesthetically pleasing.


I got a side plate that actually I don’t really like as much as his other stuff so not sure why I bought it, but it’s a good shape for putting my cooking oils on(think its just bit too plain and I panic bought it) but I love the little tiny bowls a lot.

Very very interested in his upcoming storage jars, and the butter dishes are so amazing but not in his etsy for some reason. £65 for a butter dish though :grimacing:

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That is a highly decent gift combo.

My birthday is quite far away but I will probably ask for books as I will always want more books. Also maybe a pie dish, I haven’t had a pie dish since I moved and I miss pies.