What would you like to see Gregg Wallace track the manufacturing process of in an episode of Inside The Factory?

Please describe how you came about eating a viennetta in the 2010s

was having dinner at my mums. afterwards she asked “does anyone want some vienetta?”
i did want some vienetta.
i then had some vienetta.

anecdote ends.

Cool story

do you think they sell 365 million potato waffles a year or they only sell like two million a year and only have to run the factory for two days? maybe they answer this on the programme


Mrs F loves a Vienetta too. But because I do all the shopping she never gets one.

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Face it you’d love to be the person monitoring this machine wouldn’t you. Just a constant shiftlong chuckle.

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Get her a viennetta you meany

Boring as fuck

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I had a recent Vienetta. I was sent to the local Tesco Express for some ice cream / pudding but it was all outrageously priced apart from a Vienetta. Less than £2 I think, fed the family. Tasted alright.

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Genuinely agreeing with you here. Have to be quick though I have to shop on foot.

We have four magnums in the freezer that I bought just as the weather went back to shit.

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Would quite like to see how they make mini rolls.

Would like to see how Jordan’s posts are made. Don’t want it to destroy the magic though.

I had my first one two weeks ago! Was pleasantly surprised, might make it a regular fixture

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I wonder if they do a viennetta ice lolly


Feel like it needs to be coated in chocolate to hold it all together

they actually look pretty tiny

do that in a oner no bother

Just look wrong don’t they? Like someone who really hates Viennetas has brutally executed a couple of them as a warning to the others.