What would you quite like?

I’d quite like a milkshake.

I mean I’m not arsed if I don’t have one. I’d just quite like one.

I had a milkshake on Saturday at 1940

i’d quite like a milkshake

You should go and get a milkshake IMO

Buttered hot toast.


bit of a hassle, closest milkshake to me would be mcdonalds and it’d take almost all of my lunch break to walk there and back PLUS i’m back on the diet today (almost forgot)

How do you feel about the Nesquik bunny?

“You can’t get kwicker than the Nesquik bunny”

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always disappoints me that he isn’t sexy like all the other cartoon bunnies are


I’m drinking a protein shake (half Belgian chocolate and half salted caramel) and if I don’t concentrate too hard it’s almost like drinking milkshake.

How many boys did it attract?

I’d quite like someone else to be doing my job for me

I had a milkshake at about 8:52 this morning. Had six really old bananas used 4. was dece.

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He seems mischievous though? In my opinion, cartoon bunnies should always be sexy or mischievous. Never both.

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alright Tommy

To be off, in bed, drinking a tea

I think being mischievous IS sexy, so we are going to have to agree to disagree.

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This is probably it’s own thread tbf

I would quite like you to create that thread