What would you quite like?

Pay attention please Jukey-Boy



I’d quite like a Ginsters peppered steak slice.

i’m not off or in bed but i am in my kitchen drinking a tea

oh me too, and spookily I’m also doing a half and half (caffe latte and choco brownie).

I am not feeling the MS vibes tho.

I would quite like to know if the OP is a new user or an oldie who has come back. Because I’m nosy and there is something familiar about you I can’t quite put my dige on. :grin:

I’m quite jealous. I think if I had a tea in work rn it would remind me that I’m not in bed

i drink a lot of tea at work

I put half milk and half water in mine, seems to make a difference

I used to. I still do too

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I’m new.

Although suspicious regulars seem to suspect I’m an old regular.

Thus is the way of the internet.

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Ah, I’m just usimg water. That’ll be why it’s not much like a milkshake. :rofl:

I would quite like to have a new Liberty X album. I mean, I can do without but they were pretty dang great back in the day

Alright Gary Sparrow

Would be nice to get ‘just a little bit more’…

Would quite like a cider and a massive cheeseburger. Can’t though due to seeing my weight this morning.

For it to be about 4/5 degrees warmer so I can go for a swim after work

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I’d quite like 10 million quid. Don’t ask for much, really.