What would you rather have?

  • A one-off payment of £10m
  • £1m a year for 10 years paid annually
  • £500k a year for 20 years paid annually

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Chat about this question if you like or add some ‘what would you rather have’ polls of your own, I really don’t mind.

one off payment since it would offer greater yields on my huge property and crypto investments.


And how!

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One off, what if the company paying me over 20 years sent a sniper

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  • £100 supermarket shopping voucher per week but it’s for your least favourite supermarket
  • £50 supermarket shopping voucher per week for any supermarket you like

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When all you one-off people have spaffed all your money away on cars and ermine underwear don’t come crying to me.


20 year. There is the risk that inflation will go nutso and about 5 years in I’ll be in receipt of worthless payments, whereas I’ve I’d have took the ten milli up front I could’ve invested it and bought my way into the ruling class. But I wouldn’t want to be in the ruling class anyway, and the more money I get, the more unwise and self destructive my decisions would get.


My least favourite isn’t even too bad so its okay (tesco)

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Genuinely don’t think you could pay me to do my shopping in Asda (hate the Lidl near here too but others are okay whilst all Asdas are terrible). Such a stressful place.


If they were all in the local area I would go for the 100, but only Sainsbo’s, Aldi and Booths are in walking distance. The £100 for Asda would not be worth the misery of having to drive to the shops.

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When that 500k gets you a loaf of bread in 2041 you’ll feel quite foolish imo



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Can I shop online or has it got to be in store. Absolute deal breaker, for me


Fuck you!

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Can’t do online shopping because my dog barks non stop when the delivery comes and it’s not fair on my neighbours.

Also think the Asda smell would still be on the products (it’s a specific store smell, not people)

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Oh wow this changes things :thinking:

But still no. I’m not ordering my fresh veg online, and only Morrisons has the food the cats like.

convinced supermarkets pump in scents as some sort of branding thing.

except tesco, where they all smell like petrol and sometimes sewage.

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  • The latest mobile phone of your choice every time it’s released for free
  • a phone that never has to be charged but you have to have it for 10 years

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Actually I could go into Asda every few months and spend all the vouchers on lottery tickets and scratch cards. Could be a winner…

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