What would you rather thread [polls] [slow day] [no quiz]

  • All ducks become the size of horses
  • All horses become the size of ducks

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  • £5 in your account
  • £10 in ten pence pieces

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  • Wear trousers forever
  • Wear shorts forever
  • Wear a dress forever

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  • Only alcohol in the world is beer
  • No beer ever from now on

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(everything else still available on the second option)

  • You have to swear in every fucking sentence!
  • Swear words no longer exist

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love the idea of the one word replies having to have swear words.

Want a cup of tea eric?

fucking no!

no shit!

  • No Quiz
  • No Selfie Thread

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  • No dis
  • No other social media

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  • Everyone is naked but you are constantly clothed
  • You are naked at all times, everyone else remains as normal

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Think about how society would change very quickly to facilitate mass nudity

supposed to be a downside, etc etc

I think it’d be quite awkward quite quickly, you also have to sleep and bathe fully clothed.

“Do I want to have penetrative sex”

this is some fantastic gif work, man

:pray: one master to another

  • you can leave work right now but you have to spend all evening indoors not drinking
  • you have to work til 7 but can go out and booze or whatever you wanna do

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He didn’t say “No Google”.

Or shower / baths again properly

  • No more ketchup
  • Ketchup on every meal and snack

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