What would you say is a reasonable amount to pay for a pair of socks?

please consider the following sock options:

thin, everyday socks
thick, walking socks (wocks)

I’d say £1.50 and £9.99 respectively (pair)

I don’t think I’ve EVER bought a single pair of socks. Multipacks all the way


can you not divide the amount of socks in multipack to come to some sort of figure per pair?

Buy in bulk and chuck 'em away after one use, eh? A man after my own heart.

Normal socks - £5 for a 3 pack
Walking socks - no idea

I would say they have to be over 60% cotton but you need a bit of nylon in there as well for wear and tear

£12 for a pack of five.

Never bought walking socks, ever.

Every pair of socks I own was a Christmas gift.

M&S Freshfeet socks are £12 for 5 pairs, so £2.40 each pair.
Twin skin running socks can be got for £5 each pair.
Walking socks, maybe £5 a pair?

Calm down, A Beautiful Mind.


Football socks: £4 a pair.

Can’t imagine taking the time to look at the price of underwear, busy living my life unfortunately

congratulations on having more money than sense.

Not sure what the going rate is - Probably a fiver for a pack of 4 or something?

62.5 pence per sock

only ever receive underwear for Christmas, keeps stocks up enough for me. Can’t remember ever having bought any. Does mean I frequently have a day of the dead skull on my crotch or a big comic book ‘Boom!’ across my arse though.