What would YOU say is the greatest side one of any album?


you know…an absolutely perfect first half of a record?

I think it might be Marquee Moon chaps.

your thoughts are always welcome




Marquee Moon is a good answer. Lifes Rich Pageant is probably the most obvious answer


First sides of Low or Station To Station.

Marquee Moon’s also pretty much perfect.


I think the thread should be closed now, Marquee Moon is the right answer.


Marquee Moon is a decent answer.

See also:

Hex Enduction Hour
The Ramones
Hunky Dory


Blonde on blonde maybe.


Trying to steer clear of anything outside of vinyl era but Wowee Zowee has a sick side A


Court and Spark


I was only thinking that on Wednesday morning. It’s the best side on any Pavement album.


Yeah it’s superb. Blackout and we Dance are do that heartbreaking and throwaway thing sooo well. And grounded obvs.


Yeah, it covers a lot of ground in six songs. I’m going to listen to it on the way home now!


Blood on the tracks side 1
Blood on the tracks side 2




having just listened to it, I reckon it’s Ready To Die


B-side of Autobahrn by Kraftwerk


Born To Run
Blue Lines


This isn’t my answer but when I think “great side one” my automatic thought is Badmotorfinger. The real answer would probably be Adore or Siamese Dream, even though the second halves of both are even better. I’m realizing most of my favorite Side 1’s are followed by even better Side 2’s.

Gentlemen by The Afghan Whigs is up there too, it really has a monster first (and second) half. OK Computer is a good candidate also.


? Laughing that someone didn’t mention it earlier?


yes :slightly_smiling_face: