What would you use your clone for?

Let’s assume you can have a clone of yourself, could be the same age as you or younger.

Let’s further assume that you’re in charge of them and that they don’t mind that much. Perhaps you’re using a mind controlling drug on them. I don’t know, Theo’s in charge of this kind of thing.

What you using them for?

I think I’d make mine listen to new music, read books, watch TV and film and then recommend stuff to me so I don’t waste my time with stuff I’m not going to like. The music angle would be the most beneficial I think since I can hardly be bothered to explore anymore.

(Don’t like the idea, don’t think it’s ethical? Start your own thread about freeing your clone then, you do-gooding wimp.)

Sex things


Yeah I’d probably just fuck him

By which I mean they could get on with all of the sex that takes up my time to leave me free for more worthwhile pursuits, like mastering all of the penoid card games.

Practical jokes.
Alibi-providing murder.

Would he understand the value of money?

he’s a clone man
so no

Fucking send it to work, you div!


Double the speculative bets against Man City.

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He’s working full-time then.

Sorry Bugduv2D2.


Duets of Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meatloaf

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Proclaimers beat you to it by about 30 years mate



yeah - I would be totally sending him to work.

Poor bugger - feel bad for him already

I’d probably end up doing the work myself and letting him laze about. I’m too soft on him!

forget it I’m out

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Mods - edit the OP so I can pretend I’d thought about the work angle. For some clone regs reason it can’t go to work for you - you know, something like that.

I don’t make the rules. Theo does.

Practical jokes probably, like the old ‘one person crouches behind someone while the other pushes them’ or I’ll walk out of one door just as my clone walks in via the other, classic.

Or a cast-iron alibi for murder obvs

Post the same things on DiS, but under a different account name.


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