What would your words be on joining Nottingham Forest on loan from Chelsea?


Andrey Santos has recently joined Nottingham Forest from Chelsea on loan. On the move he said: “I know that Forest is a big club, they play good football and they have good players, which is important for me”

This has been briefly discussed in the football thread where @Funkhouser asked me what I would say if it was me joining Nottingham Forest on loan from Chelsea to which I replied:

Really interested in spreading this out to a wider group though so please, let me know what you would say if you, as an individual, were joining Nottingham Forest on loan from Chelsea.

Thank you!

Nottingham Forest? More like Yesttingham Forest!


“Forest rule, Chelsea drool!”

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As a boy I was a big fan of the Kevin Costner film “Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves” so now imagine my delight that I am very much a real life Robin Hood. Robbing goals from wealthy premier league teams or something.

Actually I don’t really know

As soon as the gaffer spoke to me and told me they were interested I made my mind up to join. I’m buzzing to get started and play football. This is a great team and I’m really looking forward to meeting up with the lads and getting started!
Come on you trees!


The first thing I’d say would probably be behind closed doors with my agent or something so I’d probably say something like “OK cool nice one, thanks for sorting that”.

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Interesting content so far, thank you

“I’m a shitbag mercenary moving from one scum club to another, I expect I’ll be off to Al Hilal soon too. I’m a big dickhead. No but seriously, it’s great to be joining the Tricky Trees, Notts Forest.”


As a boy I was a big fan of Maid Marion and her Merry Men. Now I am a Merry Man because I um…


Nottingham Forest Football Club, often referred to as Forest for short, is a professional football club based in West Bridgford, Nottingham, England. It was founded in 1865; the team have played their home games at the City Ground, on the south bank of the River Trent in Nottingham, since 1898. Forest is one of six English clubs to have won the European Cup (an accolade it shares with Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Aston Villa and Manchester City), one of four English clubs to have won that trophy multiple times (along with Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea), as well as one of two English clubs (the other being Liverpool) to have won the competition back-to-back. Forest has two stars above its club crest to commemorate its two European Cup victories. It is considered to be the oldest club currently competing in the Premier League, the top division of the English football league system. Forest secured promotion from the EFL Championship during the 2021–22 season, and retained its Premier League status in 2022–23.[4]

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Chelsea? Chel-SEE ya later more like!

For me it’s always been very important that clubs like Chelsea can own many many players playing on loan for other clubs and I’m delighted to be a part of this modern phenomenon.


“Dammit, marckee”

Born 1821, died 1881

Ah i wondered why all the trees around me only had chicken, beef, lamb or duck on them


When the boss said I would be on loan to Nottingham Forest. I asked if I would be swapping my football boots for a bow and arrow. :rofl:

OK this is it. Final answer. Happy with this.

Who’s Andrey Santos btw?

"In the words of Robin Hood (2010, dir. Ridley Scott)…

“P.S. London can go fuck!”

Andrey Nascimento dos Santos (born 3 May 2004) is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Premier League club Nottingham Forest, on loan from Chelsea, and the Brazil national team.

Don’t think anyone knows