📺 what ya been youtubin? 📺

oh absolutely fuck off with that

I wasn’t dismissing it out of hand or being needlessly critical, and would have been open to talking about it. idk why it came across like that

I watched half of it because I find that sort of thing really interesting and couldn’t get past a few things about it

all this for liking a post.

yeah, I’ll fuck off ta.

idk if you’ve noticed, but plenty of people on here struggle with tone, and glib replies in what is otherwise one of the only safe spaces online are likely to touch nerves

likes compound this - again, this has been talked about by other users a lot

Your initial reply was also quite glib, even if you didn’t intend it like that, at least it read that way to me.

guess I feel/felt like people know I’m not a glib person and wouldn’t have read it that way

Not trying to pile on, just giving an outside perspective as I have no idea who any of you are. To me your post was the first that seemed shitty, and the response that you got was pretty much aligned with your tone. When people are sharing things they’ve enjoyed, I don’t think it’s that cool to shit on them and be so dismissive. If I did that I’d be prepared for people to be equally dismissive of my opinion, which I think is what happened to you.

I’m sure you didn’t intend it that way, I just wanted to give you some insight into the response you got.

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you are piling on

I know how I intended my post, and it’s not about how you perceive it as it was in reply to somebody who is familiar with me to some extent

Fair enough, sorry for wading in.

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Uhhh. I have realised since this interaction started, with a bit of sleuthing, that you’re a long term user under a fairly recently new username but frankly I didn’t know that until then. So.

Tbh even if I had realised that, funkybadger has it pretty much spot on. It honestly felt like a shitty response (what were you expecting me to say? “Yeah you’re right, I was wrong for enjoying it” ?) and it got the response I felt it deserved. I’ve long had issues about the “that’s shit” type of discourse that happens on these boards and how I dislike it and I’ve raised that in the past. I think this place is better than it used to be for that.

Anyway, I really really am done with this now, I don’t think there’s anything further to be achieved and I’m fine to just leave it.

I just figured you’d take it as not a criticism to be taken seriously

like, if someone on here I was familiar with to some extent replied in that way to something I’d posted, I’d just be gently incredulous and curious as to why they didn’t like it, and I guess I took for granted (under the impression that everyone had twigged who I am by know) I’d get the same sort of response

I wasn’t actually entirely writing it off or anything. it really wasn’t a “that’s shit” response. idk

(I know you said you’re done, but it’s important to me to be able to clarify, as I was really distressed by how it was received)

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Incidentally, I twigged a week or so ago and was embarrassed to admit it took so long but it’s great to see you back btw!

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iOS app updated and has 2 unskippable ads at the start of most vids now.

Was wondering the other day whether my premium subscription was worth it so that’s good to know

babe, wake up, new Defunctland dropped


Claire’s got the butters in

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Tim Traveller is the only man who can make me interested in football

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