What you all having for your tea?

Paneer masala, saag aloo and rice, with paratha and side bits

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Roast beef

Pork shoulder been in the slow cooker since 8 o’clock this morning. Gonna break it down and have pulled pork cobs

With spinach and onion and :hot_pepper: and then crispy fried onions on top

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I’ve got the last portion of a frankly fucking HUGE beef stew I defrosted earlier. Little scone dumpling things, boiled tayters, yum yum. Got some dutch peanut rounds eyeing me up, as well as a pair of Galaxy ripples which I suppose I should share with the bae, and there’s one fruit pastille lolly left which I’ll suck to death at somepoint.

Halloumi, salad, pitta bread and a carrot

They sound v nice

Left over Indian takeaway from last night followed by ice cream, huge treats.

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Nothing. Broken a tooth and it’s too painful

I had a burger

Look at the marbling on these


Made this earlier so just have to heat it up.

  • Rice and rotis
  • Just rotis (cba making rice option)

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Good thickness.

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Made a few pizzas, ate a few pizzas. Had a sausage fucking roll too.


Just had roast potatoes with halloumi, coleslaw and green beans.

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Chippy tea! (Fish, chips and peas (separate pot for the peas please mate))

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Where dyou get those from you bastard

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Shrewbie isn’t a bastard