What you got for lunch?


I’ve got spicy mackerel sandwiches and a packet of ready salted. Cat seems determined to have one of the sandwiches. Not happening m8 :pouting_cat:


those are rolls m74




big salad
couple of satsumas

regret not getting soup cos i’m cold


got nothing, but will probably have chicken and leek stew from the cafe :yum:




Probably gonna get a sandwichhhhh


Cous cous feta falafel salad with a Manny Chutz dressing


Pro Evolution default wing back


really like “manny chutz” as a phrase




Pretty sure some of these are made up. Nudger?


At home so ive made myself some spaghetti aglio olio

Made wayyy too much. Still gonna eat it all.


a buttery is a really specific type of bread roll though, surely you wouldn’t have a fucking sandwich made out of a buttery?


can one of the scottish please confirm

also where can i get butteries here? one of my fave scottish foods. probably my actual fave.


oh fucking yes



yeah this is terrible


Stop standing in the way of progress


These look incredible!