What you got for lunch?



A kaizer roll with a slice of golden spanish quiche

It’s Monday, which of course is tuna mayo and East Anglian baked potato day, with peas.

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I had malayan corn chowder from nusa with rice and 2 breads. Also had my regular nusa argument with my boyfriend. He’s asked me if I’d be a 3 bread couple with him and I said no i’m my own person and I have 2 breads. Always will be a 2 bread woman.



Pretty much. I go to Nusa with him once a week and every time the same argument.
He’s a 1.5 bread person. I’m a 2 bread person. He wants me to go down to being a 1.5 bread person because it would suit him. I’m not a 1.5 bread person!
We also pretty much scrap each other for first dibs on picking which pieces of bread we want.


Could you go up to being a 2.5 bread person and order 4?

Back to boring homous salad pittas. Also had a raw carrot.

Gonna look up some decent salad recipes for next week, I think as want to cut down on breadage.

This was my suggestion. I’m happy to go up to being a 2.5 bread person and for us to go up. He just counter arguments to say this is unnecessary and I should go down to being a 1.5 bread person.
What now happens is we’re a 4 bread couple and I am a 2 bread person and he finishes his soup with 0.5 of a bread left and he then moans he’s ran out of soup and has to eat dry bread. He won’t donate this 0.5 of a bread to me.
I can’t be held accountable for his poor bread management skills!


It’s a rich, fulfilling existence, this “life” thing.


I had a tuna sandwich, graze box and potentially either a packet of frazzles orrrr kettle chips sea salt and balsamic vinegar.

Go for the frazzles, they are clearly the superior option.

ok then! Thanks, indecision had set in.

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Go with the kettle chips, frazzles are shit for cunts.

Too late!! I’m eating them and they’re glorious.


Veggie Nasi Lemak with spiced egg, Asian slaw and rice.

Day one of a week of free lunches. The staff looked a bit confused when I showed them the email. I’m sure they’ll be sick of my face come Friday.


cheese and lettuce bagel (w/ green chili jam :yum: )
pack of mini cheddar thins
some grapes


I had a gammon and cheese burger (?!) from the canteen. Surprisingly ok.

Followed by two cookies and some Volvic strawberry water.


TV made a vegetarian curry last night so I brought the leftovers in and forgot to bring in any rice. We don’t really do vegetarian options that often, especially in curries so when the shop didn’t have any microwave rice, I went and bought chips. Only went I got back to my desk did I realise I’m eating chips with a sweet potato and butternut squash curry. Triple carbs for days.

Went to the chinese supermarket earlier on and bought this Mountain Dew to go with it… I think it’s from Malaysia but whatever recipe they use over there, it’s wrong. It takes like liquidised black pepper. Still drinking it like.

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Alright, mates…

I had a satsuma.

1-0 big lad.