What you got on this afternoon?

anything interesting?
any good threads approaching?

put some feelers out in here if you want but i do want some low level pedantic beeves if we could


as in clothes or activities?

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You can provide me information for both if you’d like.

ok well, I’m wearing my “Livia did it” roman history related t-shirt.

I’ve spent ages shading in a dude’s muscles for a picture and I’m thinking I’m going to go for a walk soon because it looks beautiful outside here

Door shopping, phone answering.

I have on a grey and white striped dress.

I have a Graze “superfood bites” thing to eat at some point.

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I’ve got a meeting with my boss where he’s going to deny that we’ve all got far too much work to do even though we’ve run reports from the system that show that on average we have THREE TIMES as many cases as people in other parts of the business doing the same job as us, then not propose any solutions, then we’ll get angry and I’ll go home early in a huff.

tl;dr no


it DOES look nice out there. Wish I could go for a walk but it will be dark when it’s time for my walk (6:30pm to gym then 8pm from gym)

oh yeah and I might be going to squash later, so I’m a big gymbro dude now too it seems!

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I’ve got a good - actually shit - thread up my sleeve.

We’ll take it!

I’m holding you entirely responsible.

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I’ve got an important question to ask.

You’ve got an egg timer right. You want to use it to time something for 15 minutes. Do you:

  • Simply turn it to where it says ‘15’
  • Turn it round as far as it will go and then turn it back round to where it says ‘15’

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I’m finally being recognised as the bants machine I am, and have been tasked with writing a “blog”

I fail to see that anyone still reads blogs.


Neither - past 30 minutes, because that’s what the instructions said to do.

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errr why are you going all the way with that?

And is anyone actually using an egg timer these days? or phones?

What if you have to time something for 45 minutes - what do you do then?

what’s an egg timer?

it’s the bit of a phone that sets an alarm

People nowadays don’t read stuff on the Internet, they just watch people apologising for being human and making human mistakes like committing gross atrocities like what just ordinary flawed human beings do

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Do it to 45 because, unless they’ve changed something since I went to school, 45 is more than 30.