What you got on this afternoon?

i hate that I actually talk to my fucking ipod touch to set alarms but it’s so slow these days it takes about five minutes to load up the clock app

I got my Mum a posh new one for Christmas and it unexpectedly started a fierce debate.

I do this with my phone and I usually try to do so extremely politely to see how much I can obfuscate the sentence while still being understood by it


I’m confused. If you’re timing something for 15 minutes, you turn it round to 30 and then turn it back to 15… but if you’re timing something for over 30 minutes you simply turn it to that number?

Hiya Meo :wave: What have you got on this afternoon? Did you say you bought something? What was it?

Kinda wish it was Friday Selfies today. Would appreciate some visual stimulus.

Today I am wearing navy skinny jeans and a big navy woolly jumper. I am too warm. Might take my jumper off. *takes jumper off*

Has anyone ever used stuff that keeps your lipstick in place? My friend told me she used to use it in her goth days.

Yes, because the mechanism requires a minimum amount of force to work properly, and that minimum amount is achieved at the 30 minute mark?

Just off to a practice room to do some squealing for a bit. Got bugger all to do from 4pm til bed. Guess i’ll read… a lot.

what I hate most about it is that it just generates a new alarm instance or whatever so if you do ever go into the “alarms” section there’s about 50 different alrams all two or three minutes apart because I always put my frozen pizzas in the oven about the same time.


literally could’ve posted these exact words myself. shared experiences, man.

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I bought 2 home bits from asos which i’m extremely pleased with.
A faux sheepskin rug (to drape over something) and a woven basket!

I do not wish it was Friday Selfie and I won’t be participating as I feel insanely ugly this week. Not happy.

Lipcote? I’ve not used it. My lipsticks generally stay in place but I always forget i’ve got them on and then WIPE on an expensive white napkin at someones house.

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I see. So the principle of turning it further than you need and then turning it back (if < 30 mins) actually has a mechanical point to it. Sound.

I have never read the instructions on an egg timer, you see.

Hi meow, this thread just reminded me that I was in Sainsbury’s the other night and they have brought out a clothing range in your honour.


Are you sure?

where the fuck is marckee

I do need a long sleeved bib…


In the 90% of DiSsers using egg timers wrong at time of writing according to my poll!

No, tbh. I’m putting a lot of faith in the instruction manual that came with a penguin-shaped egg timer at this point.

my life is kinda beautiful in a sad way

I do not see the point in an egg timer that can’t time stuff properly under 30 mins unless you go all the way to 30 mins then back. It makes no sense.

I just pressed an option at random.

may as well write a sonnet or something

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