What you hammering down at the moment?

At chez Balonz we are doing 2-3kg of yoghurt a week (with me barely touching the stuff).

Buy 1-2kg a week and then make one of these mothers too:

(also coffee)

cereal - always cereal.

the oldest has about three bowls a day. currently just own brand bran flakes so not too expensive/unhealthy.

How many shits is he nailing?


Got a 10x box of Fizzy Fish, I’m mowing down on them like theres no tomorrow

No sex drugs chat in here please.

Got many Riesen (the chocolate chew) in?

peanut butter. its only me who eats it an all but im fucking destroying it

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None at the minute I’m afraid.

What do you make of these words?


I think “Pinata Engagement” would be a good “this would be a good band name” line in a work of light comedy (but it wouldn’t be a good band name)




Have been properly guzzling dark rum on the weekends, have got through a full 10 glass on a weekend lately

not everyone shits their pants at a sniff of roughage.

edit: this sentence feels … off.

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Glass bottle Coke

aka the dream team

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Lots of those little Crimble coconut cakes

Milk. Sausages. Potatoes. Butter. Tea. Got some Waitrose own brand seeded oatcakes that could be about to become a new obsession, gone through a whole pack in about 36 hours

Daughter 1 is cleaning out 3 Ella’s pouches a day. Daughter 2 is eating another so that’s basically a pack a day. Flat out on butter and bagels too. Pepsi and Nature Valley Salty Sweet Chocolate bars for me

The components of peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwiches