What you hammering down at the moment?


Well - not technically. We’re using it at the same rate as we would normally, but we’re buying 12 pints at a time in order to minimise shopping trips. You’d think 12 pints would last a week for a family of four. You’d be wrong.

I wish I could say something like ‘bananas’ or ‘chia pudding’ but at this point it’s Marabou chocolate with Japp (Swedish Mars bar) in it. Can’t stop.


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this shit

it’s unbelievable!!!

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Its pretty shocking how eating at home all week makes the amount of food you get seem loooooads more.

Syders pieces (one pack every 2 days)
Beans and cheese on toast (every lunch)
Cereal (bowl every morning but consistently every day means I’m caning it)
Eggs (have them every night and loving them)

what is that?

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I’ve taken to having oat milk (which it turns out I prefer) to keep milk consumption down.

Yeah and the amount of washing up and recycling etc when you see it all localised in one place.

It was creme eggs but they are all gone now so :grimacing:

It’s now this stuff, so good I ordered 13 jars online


oh, I cleverly selected a picture that doesn’t say in english

preserved bamboo shoots! in chili and garlic I think


sounds absolutely bangin


they are, been eating them with almost anything

I tried some bamboo shoots in chili oil as, which were ok - but this brand is incredible

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Goats cheese and brussels pate. Very sophisticated I know.

Eight pints barely lasts me and a nearly-three year old.

Cannot fucking stop eating Squashies, it’s becoming a problem

Also booze but that is less of a problem

I haven’t had a kitkat for ages. Really fancy one now.

Dark chocolate digestive biscuits

No change really.

the two combined together in some sort of wonderful concoction?

I want beans on cheese on toast for lunch now.

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I need to not read threads in which people post lists of food.

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