What you into lately?

recently discovered these:

well good, eat them most days at the mo. tomato crisps, who knew?


M&S salted caramel crispy thing

Let me tell you about MANHOOD by Steve Biddulph.


The Champs Podcast
Chester Watson - Phantom
Honey Nut Cheerios
Probably some other stuff that doesn’t involve the ‘ch’ sound

Frozen yoghurt



I’ve eaten from this place at least once every two weeks for the past few months

  • fruit (like proper pieces of)
  • cycling
  • pasta sauces
  • kendrick lamar (finally)

What took you so long?

what is it, looks good.

Is that the manchester one? I LOVE the Leeds one.


I don’t particularly like the hits, which is all I seemed to have been exposed to. DNA is pretty much the first thing I heard of his on the radio that I liked since the recipe. went and had a proper listen to his other stuff and its actually really good.

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oh are you in Leeds? Carmen, Leeds.

He’s an actual genius IMO

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still i like booja booja the best but FUCK like £7 for a tub :frowning:

Sea salt dark chocolate from aldi

Vada pav, potato burger with some sort of spicy sauce


dunno about that but he is very good.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

(what took me so long?)

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