What you into lately?


recently discovered these:

well good, eat them most days at the mo. tomato crisps, who knew?



M&S salted caramel crispy thing


Let me tell you about MANHOOD by Steve Biddulph.


The Champs Podcast
Chester Watson - Phantom
Honey Nut Cheerios
Probably some other stuff that doesn’t involve the ‘ch’ sound


Frozen yoghurt


  • jam doughnuts
  • putting chopped grapes in salads
  • they’ve started selling vegan chocolate ice cream in loads of supermarkets for the same price as animal ice cream so that
  • carrying a bag of mixed nuts and raisins everywhere



I’ve eaten from this place at least once every two weeks for the past few months

  • fruit (like proper pieces of)
  • cycling
  • pasta sauces
  • kendrick lamar (finally)


What took you so long?


what is it, looks good.


Is that the manchester one? I LOVE the Leeds one.




I don’t particularly like the hits, which is all I seemed to have been exposed to. DNA is pretty much the first thing I heard of his on the radio that I liked since the recipe. went and had a proper listen to his other stuff and its actually really good.


oh are you in Leeds? Carmen, Leeds.


He’s an actual genius IMO


still i like booja booja the best but FUCK like £7 for a tub :frowning:


Sea salt dark chocolate from aldi


Vada pav, potato burger with some sort of spicy sauce


dunno about that but he is very good.