What you learning atm?

I get very bored in life if I’m not trying to learn a new thing but lately I’m being annoying and flitting around from one thing to another. Made a very half-hearted attempt to start learning japanese but got pretty daunted by it and gave up. Would like to take some piano lessons so I can learn to play more properly.Had a look at some lessons but they were expensive (got one quote for £60/hr :grimacing:) but might just do some kind of rubbish online course instead.

What bounce you learning, huns?

(more of a dayshift thread but cba waiting til tuesday)

i tried learning Japanese a while back via Duolingo, as my wife used it a lot when she was learning Italian, and the app seems alright to me. found it really hard though straight off the bat, never felt like i was learning what the hiragana they teach you actually mean, and a day later i could barely recall any of them so it didn’t stick, so i quit after a few attempts at actually getting it to stick.


i was using a thing called human japanese which was pretty good tbh, though was quite full on with the history of kanji and how it evolved which was quite a lot to take in.

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maybe i’ll give that a look then - different angle of attack might suit me better :+1:

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Christ, I charge 14 quid an hour for English lessons and consider that quite pricey.

Nothing but would like to learn how to program

Don’t have enough time in my life or space in my brain to learn anything new atm. Feel like I should be learning more French for professional reasons but :woman_shrugging:

While on a film course, I’m trying to make an effort to learn as much as I can about the billions of processes involved. Might try that thing people always suggest and just make a film purely on my own with stuff round the house (since I had an idea that I think could be semi-decent)


Started a 6 week MongoDB course last week


Work’s been quiet ie boring lately so I’ve sort of half-arsedly started learning macros in excel

Same as always - relearning Spanish after forgetting most of it. Once I’ve topped up my knowledge I’ll not bother practicing again for another few years so I can start again. It’s a never ending cycle.

I’m doing a pottery class at adult education. This one is working with porcelain. I really enjoy it and am ok at hand-building but I’m not very good at throwing.


I did a pottery course a few years back and like you struggled with the throwing. Oh and working out how the colours would turn out!

Me and my housemate made so many crap pieces of pottery we ending up burying them in the garden, so that when archaeologists in 100s/1000s years time dig up the garden they’d be really confused by what they found :smiley:


Haha! That’s brilliant!

The drums. On my free on Monday I go to the music department and the peripatetic percussion teacher gives me a lesson. Bloody love it and it’s great going from being teacher to student, makes you realise how hard this learning lark can be.


It varies from town to town. A few towns over its 8 euros an hour.

85 an hour is rediculous!

This is a very satisfying collection of words :grinning:


Getting back into playing guitar again. I want to learn more about music theory so working through a jazz guitar book.

Also working through an undergrad physics book as I have some big gaps there.

I was trying to learn C++ properly, but my interest in that’s petered out.

I’m learning Python… not getting very far but enjoying it


the bits and pieces I’ve done of Python have been fun, but I use it once every six months so forget everything really quickly :confused:

How not to spend all my money on frivolous things like beer. Made a good fist of it the past fortnight.

Actual things - tried learning French on Duolingo but gave up after 3 weeks or so as it wasn’t really the type of learning I required.

Nothing else really. I’m very boring.