What you listening to?

I’m genuinely interested.
Over the weekend I played The KLF’s ‘The White Room’ record. Due to their patchy representation on streaming website, I barely listen to The KLF. This album is fairly astonishing. I played it three times consecutively yesterday afternoon, whilst enjoying a gin and tonic, and it was a fairly fabulous way to spend a few hours.
This morning, on my headphones, I’ve listened twice to The Blue Nile’s ‘Hats’ album. I’m no audiophile, but the lossless 2012 version on Apple Music, listened through AirPod Max, sounds beautiful. I think ‘Headlight’s On The Parade’ is my favourite track.

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I was listening to Deftones then Tangled Hair this morning. I actually wanted something a bit more experimental but couldn’t really settle because it too tired. So took it a bit easy.

Listened to this track a few times today which I think is very nice

Before that I was listening to Mach-Hommy on my 2024 albums playlist

Mainly Caroline Rose albums atm

This morning whilst WFH I have listened to:

Fan Modine only have 140 monthly listens on Spotify which is criminal.

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Podcasts (various)

Been obsessed with Ashenspire’s Hostile Architecture since they came up in conversation on here in the heavy thread from a gig a couple of weeks ago. Trying not to play it too much so I don’t get sick of it.

Saw Challengers on Saturday night so the soundtrack has been getting rinsed.

Wanted to listen to something of a certain ilk in the office this morning but couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was until I remembered it was the last Jimmy Blake album.

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Listening to illonoise thanks to hooky’s visit to the show

ambient/sad/spooky mode

Beth Gibbons - Lives Outgrown
Keeley Forsyth - The Hollowing
Kali Malone - All My Life

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Last few things;

  • Swedish radio podcast interview with the new General Director of The Swedish Film Institute

  • A long playlist that the Tidal algorithm generated from me playing my favourite Lee Hazelwood track

So, lots of Lee, Nancy, Scott Walker/Walker brothers, John Cale, David Axelrod etc

  • A long playlist I made a while ago based on a load of the tracks FernandoRosaBass has played on his IG. Loads of mainly 70s & 80s funk/soul/electrosoul/disco
  • All the Axel Boman back catalogue that’s on Tidal on shuffle + all the tracks the Tidal algoritm fed me after that (Lots of Koze, Roman Flügel, Sophia Kourtesis, Kornel Kovacs, Shanti Celeste etc)

The Tidal algorithm is so, so good btw. They really ought to have a feature where you can just click to save their autogenerated playlist, give it a name & share it. They’re totally missing a trick by not having that functionality