What you'll find in the 'Gaming Snacks' section of Amazon


Fucking dip dabs?!?!


Oh only mini cheddar now, well dont I look the fool


Don’t think I’d have any of these while I play some games. Shocking stuff.


‘Gaming snacks’. Or as they’re more commonly known - ‘snacks’?


But how about these??


They’ll go nicely with the 2litre bottles of diet coke, dr pepper and cans of Monster…


i wish i played computer games and ate snacks


These people must have gross controllers


Can’t say I’ve ever really grazed whilst gaming.

Maybe a beer and a [small] bag of crisps or cup of tea and some biscuits, depending on the time of day - But wouldn’t regularly sit there and stick a big bag of Buttons down my neck.




this. that kind of wotsit dust just caked on everything, not least their own genitals, as they mash their clammy hands to an episode of Cowboy Bebop.


Hey man, all I knows is I went to the gaming hardware section and there was a section called ‘gaming snacks’


Literally kibble for gamers.


That’s the DiS secret santa sorted


I imagine gamers with this diet must have a continual dose of the Epimers.