What YouTube channels do you subscribe to


Feel like there might be a thread in this


here is a complete list of the youtube channels i subscribe to:


some ASMR stuff
couple gaming review sites

Think that’s it


And I was made to subscribe to my company’s channel in their efforts to get a personalised URL :expressionless:


is it tho?


Jay Leno’s Garage
Unbox Therapy
Needle Drop (only watch this now and again as Fantano is generally a dick)
Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged



Mine are:
Andertons music shop, used to hate it but have grown fond of them over time
Technomoan-some guy talking about obsolete/ novel technology
Screen junkies -just for the millennial falcon show (Star Wars chat with a very funny host)
Adam Neeley bass lessons- interesting music theory chat not just bass




Bass gear reviews, loads of Netrunner, videos of people falling over with hilarious consequences.

It is basically my personality in a nutshell.


I do end up on Jimmy’s page a lot though

And that needledrop guy because even if I can’t listen to a minute of his attention deficient editing style, the actual releases he reviews are worth noting and checking out usually.




ive never seen the end of that before


Reckon the one on the left would be the better climber


The Chicken Connoisseur


Best thing on youtube is Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, obviously.


What is it?


It’s a puppet show with songs


That Pedal Show


I fucking love Techmoan

Mainly just him and a bunch of super nerdy retro videogame collector shit.