What you've all been waiting for... The Wednesday Evening Thread!

You guys are slacking.

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I’m mostly on Discord these days actually

Going to wake up to a sweet Theo like on this

What’s going on guys? Been really slow on here today

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Attempting @Scout ’s mango chutney

Quite stressed and also I think my brain is running on 15% capacity. I’m like an anti-Lucy

Beer tho


Evening. I’m in Preston, had a walk through the city centre there to find a post box and couldn’t believe how dark and quiet the place was, thought I was going to murdered (not really but it was creepy)

Now doing some work to prep for tomorrow and will have film club on in the background


Listening to The Internet and eating a creme egg, decadence

Gonna watch some television tonight, by way of a change.

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I had bacon and butternut squash risotto for dinner, which was delish. More PhD writing/existential dread this evening.

Remember, not just a touch of chutney. Loads of that beautiful stuff.


Split the yoghurt in my korma and over oiled it. Not the best curry I’ve made

It’s a shame it’s all shut. There’s a few decent pubs in Preston and a decent market.

Having a dry night tonight.

Just me and some films as usual.

Pie and mash for tea.


Started on sopranos again.

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I have had a very busy day by my standards and it was quite a good one by my standards also
-cut R’s hair with minimal complaints rather than the usual tears (from both sides)
-gave R an Anorak magazine as s reward for being so cooperative and that was nice to read together
-left the house for a bit
-made a really delicious curry, maybe the best I’ve done :yum:
-shortly after received a delivery of an order I made from an Asian food website to help make more curries as well as some Japanese and Korean ingredients.
-order also had some rose syrup which R was interested so I made him ‘hippo milk’ with a little (hippo milk is pink, a fact I only told him yesterday) and some mochi which was also enjoyed by both of us :yum:
-had the last of my nice beetroot and ginger soup for tea with some seeded bread :yum:
-whenever R falls asleep it is Film Club and beer and hazelnut butter cups :yum:

Good food days are always the best general days. Must cook more.


Noted, plus SALT

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I was on a walk earlier and a woman came over to ask about a history thing I’m doing, no idea how she knew it was me. Anyway my neighbour Judith has cycled past me around the corner, and after I’d finished speaking to this women she was like ‘I’m Judith’ and I said ‘yes, I just saw Judith!’ and she looked at me like I was a serial killer. I explained I thought she knew my neighbour as everyone knows her and she just walked away. Before she did I had a really intense internal reaction though, like not just cringing at a misunderstanding but like I was going to burst into tears. Totally normal.

Also, I will think about this now for 25 years.

Yeah I saw the market, looked nice but completely dead

Hello. Done 3 loads of washing today and made a very good lunch so pretty productive tbh. Had leftover pulled pork for tea and will continue watching Modern Family. Might finish off the fancy rum.


Having a bit of a shocker on here at the moment.

Oh shit, I forgot the best part of my day.

At bedtime there was a massive fly buzzing around the light. Had to get rid of it. Managed to grab it super quick with one hand, and didn’t kill it, released it to buzz happily somewhere else.