Whatcha eating huns

Lunchtime is upon us, praise be!

Haggis, chorizo, red onion marmalade, cheddar bagel :blush: (feat the worlds saddest portion of potato salad)


had schnitz

and a diet coke

Lentil soup and a fruit scone.

And a can of Lilt zero which is quite nice

Tofu poke bowl

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trying to decide between beans on toast with cheese or cheese on toast (no beenz)

  • cheesy beans toast
  • cheesy cheese toast
  • beany cheese toast
  • another option

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Hope you enjoy it but that bagel sounds far too busy imo

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Ordered a work packed lunch. It didn’t show up, so went to Tezbots. Came back to find my worked packed lunch on my desk.

If anyone wants a sad looking ham roll and a packet of ready salted Corkers, let me know.

is this one of those PC adventure games

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Cheese and crisp cob

Should have gone for the black pudding option over the haggis tbf, though I doubt that would tackle your issues with busyness

I’ve become slightly obsessed with beans on toast recently - eating it pretty much every day right now


Black pudding is less spiced that haggis so would improve it. I’d say just cut the chorizo out of the OP recipe and you’ve got a banging bagel

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I’m a chorizo Stan but i could have done with more marmalade so I must concede the point

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i have been through this phase multiple times. it’s so cheap and cheerful too, especially if you get over the heinz thing and switch to own brand (waitrose are great and about 35p)

Chicken and rice. Having trouble eating anything with liquid in it because i need a beard trim and the moustache bit is getting in the way of my mouth. Can’t get in with my barber until next week and i don’t like doing it myself

cullen skink

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I tried Morrison’s the other day and they were perfectly acceptable

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Poached eggs on toast with cherry tomatoes. Felt kinda healthy

I miss solid food

Just got charged £5 for a baguette at a cafe. They charger PER SALAD ITEM.

Of course I paid and didn’t complain.

It’s very medium.