Whatever happened to


Carrie-Anne Moss.

I’m watching Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. A film which holds a 5% rating on rotten tomatoes. She did the matrix and a couple of spike jonze/kaufman things… and now she’s making b-movies and british tv shows. What happened there? She’s great.

Feel free to add your own - famous or otherwise.


now she’s making b-movies and british tv shows.



Bloody hell mate don’t watch that


she’s in netflix’s jessica jones and presumably other forthcoming marvel tie ins


I did think this about winona ryder and then she popped up in netflix’s stranger things. so I guess the answer to any of these will be netflix


yeah there’s been a definite winona renaissance. she was really good in ‘show me a hero, twat’


i know, i know, but i’ve decided to see this silent hill thing through to the bitter end


She’ll be in Marvel’s Iron Fist (released on Netflix in March) and Marvel’s The Defenders (currently filming, on Netflix later this year)


so she’s decided to take the easy money. fair enough!


Has anyone mentioned Jessica Jones yet? I cba to look.


yes m8


then I have nothing more to add


Hollywood hates women.

Looking at her Wiki page she seems to have constantly been in work?


She was in Humans as well.


I’d also like to point out that writing ‘Whatever happened to’ automatically makes me think of the song from Rocky Horror


That is a number, great loafing. However it made me think of the Stranglers.


Whatever happened to that dork that was in Scent of a Woman and played Robin in the terrible batman fims?


I don’t know how to interpret ‘great loafing’ but yes, you’re right about the Stranglers too. I think I just spent too much time around Rocky Horror fans for a brief period and it’s stuck in my head.


Al Pacino played Robin in a terrible Batman film?