Whatever happened to

JK & Joel

Went to London FM didn’t they.

Should’ve learned from Penky, really.

Steve Penk is 57 years old, which makes me feel old.

The other guy who was with Moyles and Comedy Dave

my rock n roll
the likely lads

Baby Jane

Jk turned himself into code and is now added to whatsapp messages that we’re too harsh automatically

…my rooooooccccck and roooooolllllll. YEAH!

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You couldn’t really beat a bit of Piccadilly Radio, 1152 or Key 103 back in the day.

Literally the soundtrack to my youth. From Mike Sweeney’s angry breakfast show, Brian Clarke’s depressed football commentary, Mortgage Point ads, and ringing up James Stannage’s phone-in after a few bongs to prank his psychic sidekick.

99% of people reading this have got no idea what i’m talking about.

Stannage worked in Retro bar for a bit before it changed hands and names

Jones is currently the Head of Programmes for BBC Radio 1

Lamacq has absorbed them.

Had an icepick that made his ear burn

Was reading about them earlier on as it happens. Apparently they fell out towards the end of their time at R1 because Moyles was photographed on holiday with Vitty’s ex-wife. Awk-ward…

And Vitty has just got a job on Hits Radio(?) doing a breakfast show alongside Gemma Atkinson

Was a big fan of James Stannage. Before I met him, prick.

Random stat, Craig Cash (of Early Doors etc) was the first person to ever play Oasis on the radio, when he worked on Signal Cheshire in the early 90s.