What're you getting your TV/significant other/mistress/bit on the side for christmas?


are the relatively easy to buy for? do they drop heavy-handed hints throughout the year?

so far i’ve got my wife a watch she’d said she liked and one of those longchamp pliage bags, will probably get her another few smaller bits and bobs too


Absolute nightmare to buy for, 5 years worth of not requesting it and me knocking it out of the park is coming to an end this year.

She has an extremely irritating habit of buying the thing I’m planning on getting her dead close to Christmas and Birthdays as well as shown this Saturday when I got back to the flat to find her showing me a new purse she’d just bought herself completely shitting on my plan to get a nice, posh, black leather purse. Back to the drawing board…


what’ve you gone for in previous years?

could you not get her to agree to a moratorium on buying shit for yourself in November/December?


no fucking idea. Normally get into panic mode then get a brainwave a week or so before, and she assumes I’m really prepared and good at gift buying. Think I’m going to be found out this year


The TV’s birthday is Jan 8th, so this is a particularly stressful time of year for me! Sorted one of the big presents (going to the restaurant of her fave chef from this year’s Great British Menu series) but no idea for the other one yet…


Not got any ideas at the moment. Double pressure as her birthday’s 5 January, so really need to get both sorted before Christmas.

  • Impossible Polaroid film
  • William Eggleston’s ‘Portraits’
  • Lonely Planet guide to Copenhagen, the jewel in my Christmassy gift crown


“'Nothing. She already has Noah.”


Might get my tv a new stand


Last year I got her pottery classes (shat on by her saying “I’ve found this place that does pottery lessons and I’m gonna book some for after Christmas” about a month after I’d sorted it)

Year before I got her a record player (don’t think that one was blown before it actually)

A moratorium on her not buying stuff for herself for two months would be impossible to enforce.


He is incredibly difficult to buy for because he always buys the stuff for himself. His main hobby is golf and golf stuff is expensive. I want to get him a new putter but he’ll need to get it fitted and then its like £200 for the putter or something I dunno. Golf stuff is also BORING gifts.
I was thinking of making him a scarf but I’d best get a move on with that. I have bought him a map and a photoframe so far as he’s decorating his house and wants stuff to feel more homely.

No clue what to get him other than that.


Need to mount the tv against the wall etc.


My wife’s and my mother’s birthday are in January. My son’s and my sister’s are in December. They are my four main giftees. Bung in Christmas and it makes it a tough couple of months (get the rest of the year off though… sort of).


really hope you’re not going to copenhagen any time soon and this is just a cruel ruse


I hate Christmas and birthdays. I just hate it. Hate having to think of things to buy. I often feel like once you reach about 25 all presents should not happen


We’ve also got the issue of having:
her birthday
my birthday
valentines (neither of us give a shit thankfully)

all in the space of 70 days. Which makes money a bit tight and gift ideas run low.


Can you stop fucking whinging


There’s lots of nice pictures in the guide that she can look at.


We just tell each other what we’d like! If we don’t bother with presents we’ll just treat ourselves to a fancy pants meal out instead. Also, my family don’t buy presents for each other either, I basically have absolutely no christmas shopping to do. Phew!


you’re a cruel man