What's a good app for to do lists?


iPhone friendly.

Been just writing them down in Notes but I forget to check them, and if there’s a cool app that I can get enthusiastic about using then all the better.



I think you can get google keep on iphones? Its not only the best to do app but the best app on my phone i love it so much


The built in reminders one


Have literally never seen or used this. Probably just put it in a folder where I put all the annoying built in apps that I never use and just want out of the way :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Tbh it’s best to use the Notes app with the tickboxes on a list. About five years ago I used this when organising our wedding:

…but I see it’s now a fiver. Ooft.


It does the job, and you can access it from any browser at iCloud.com

I find the slight satisfaction of crossing off something from a list helps me get stuff done


I use wunderlist and quite like it


I live my life by Reminders - if I didn’t use it I genuinely think I would forget to do everything.


i’ve meant to get one for ages but keep forgetting


I had wundelist but then I just reverted to using Notes.


You know what you need?


kick in the head?


But harsh on yourself there, I was going to suggest the Reminders app but sure.


Another vote for Wunderlist.


I use one called Clear.


My system is to not do things and accept the consequences of this.


Trello is pretty good.


That’s what I’ve been doing a lot but I’m beginning to realise that as a freelancer this is not a very sustainable method


I’ve been using Todoist for years on mobile & desktop.

If it’s not on that list I will definitely forget it.

Montangst Moaning Thread

Blimey. Looks very organised. Pleasing.

Currently using a combo of Google Calendar, Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, and OneNote. Just about does the job. Hardly elegant, though. Will defo investigate Todoist. Might be useful for some work stuff, in particular.