What's a good, cheap printer

for, you know, a bit of mild printing?

Thanks in advance,

A potato. Can’t beat a bit of potato printing


Write it out yourself with a pen and paper


We have been doing that but I would like to stop.

I’ve got this one:

It’s fine. It also scans and can convert text in the scanned document to unformatted plain text, a feature that I have never and likely will never use.

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I like the picture they use.

I was hoping for half that. I just need it to print out a few worksheets every fortnight or so when the teacher forgets to upload the schoolwork to the app.

You’re going to regret this decision when you need to convert a physical document into unformatted plain text, mark my words.

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nobody prints anything in the year 2020 granddad


We bought this one recently:

It works okay, does everything we need it to (printing and the occasional photocopy).

FAO those who are asking why we’re printing stuff in 2020: we’re having to homeschool our kids, and it’s either that or asking them to copy out the various maths challenges they’re set.


Can you explain why this requires you to print stuff out?

I’ve got one of these. Swear by it



That is the exact model that I just saved down in my shopping folder! I will probably buy it. Thanks.

the brother ones like epimer posted are good.

Because there are two classes. If ours is saved down then he can do it directly on the app but if not then my wife can get it from the other class on Facebook but it needs to be printed out. Also if nothing is sent out (and his teacher is now covering one of the other year’s ‘bubbles’ so more likely) then we can print out some generic worksheets from Twinkl or whatever. Then I don’t have to hear him crowing about having no homework and hassling me to play the Switch from 9.30am.

Right, have ordered CCB’s one. Arriving tomorrow .


I’ve got this printer. Its easily the best I’ve ever had.

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I have no strong feelings about it either way. It was a panic purchase on the weekend that the Channel Tunnel caught fire (twice). I had a Eurostar ticket for the Monday.

Were you going to print yourself to France?

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That was Plan B, yes

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HP Envy range is good value for money

Works great BUT get yourself a USB cable so you’re not relying on the wireless to work