What's a good, cheap printer

This. I have no problem with the wireless though. Also get free ink as I don’t print that much.

Don’t buy a Canon, they’re awful. Print quality is fine, but they are crap for connecting wirelessly. I’ve had two different models in a row, and they’ve both been awful. The first one was an all-in-one and once the printer had given up the cost, it wouldn’t let me use the scanner BECAUSE THE PRINTER HAD RUN OUT OF INK. W*nkers.

Am I doing something stupid? I haven’t been able to print a single sheet. The paper gets pulled through and then angles off and I get a jam every time. I’ve watched videos but I can’t get it to work. I think it is a fault with the printer… tried single sheets, multiple sheets, paper guide in various positions…

Ours is black, I dunno

(Yeah might be a fault - we had no problem with ours)


What is the manufacturer and model, might be able to suggest something?

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Who wants some comedy / memes / comics based on the fact that printers often still malfunction semi-regularly despite being invented decades ago?

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It’s an HP Deskjet 2620

Is it plugged in?

If you would have said that in front of me half an hour ago… so help me god!!!

I’m going to leave it for today. Clean the rollers in the morning and then everything is going to be just fine…

If you’ve already looked at some videos on this, have you already been through this one? Fix a Paper Jam | HP DeskJet 2600 All-in-One Printer Series | HP - YouTube

What error code do you get as well?

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Also, try resetting it back to defaults using this 123hp-com-setup.us


If you’ve tried different kinds of paper and its consistently happening and is a new printer, I’d take that dud back and get a new one if I was you.

Cheers, will give that a crack tomorrow.

Good point, he might have set it to “jam mode”


Last thing, ensure that the software you’re printing from is selecting A4 as the paper size (or whatever the size of the paper is).

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Please consider the environment before buying a printer.

This mother fucker is going back to Cuzzas tomorrow.

No luck, I assume then?

No I ran through everything. Resetting, cleaning the rollers (manually and automatically), even printing from a different machine. It was as soon as it started pulling a sheet down it would angle. Must be a fault. Must have spent a couple of hours on it which isn’t worth it for a £40 machine. Curry’s are collecting but it takes up to ten days to replace which is pretty shit. Had to tape the box back together which I had done a real number on…