What's a good way to sell a lot of vinyl?

Like a few hundred? Prospect of listing it all on discogs or ebay and paying all those fees fills me with dread, let alone posting it all.

Anyone done this?


Google docs spreadsheet and post it on here?

I’m sure quite a few people would take bits and pieces from you.

Aye could do, after xmas is a crap time tho innit. Maybe i’ll wait a few.

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Open a record shop

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Good one

If you’re around Brighton by any chance - I’d be interested in a job lot style deal, depending on what they are

I reckon discogs is your best bet. Things are easy to list, they sell well if they are decent and the fees are reasonable. There is no fee for listing and only a small percentage when you sell.

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Walk around shouting “Vinyls! Get yer vinyls here! Fiver yer LPs, two pound yer singles. Get yer vinyls ladies and gents!”

Plenty of shops buy them, at least here in Brighton. You’re probably not getting a great price per LP but it’s a good way to get a wad and offload a lot in one go

What a haul though!

This. If @Reptar is anywhere near London I’ve always found the record shop on Berwick Street in Soho pays reasonable sums for vinyl.

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Discogs reckons my collection is worth £6-9k. Dont think I can rock up to a record shop and be like giz 5 grand, cheers pal.

Fair point - well made.

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You could try putting it up as a job lot on eBay and advertise for collection only. Only one set of fees and no post office faff?

If you’ve got any gems that are rare, you could sell those individually…otherwise batch them up into styles/labels and sell them like that. It’s tricky though as taking them to a shop is easy, but you get 30-40% of real value. But it’s a massive faff selling stuff, as you well know.

A lot of second hand shops will travel to pick up collections. Sound Machine in Reading near me claim they will travel anywhere round the country, so they might be worth a go. I am guessing they will want to know roughly what’s in the collection before hand.

think i’d lose out quite a bit there, some of it is pretty niche to sell in one job lot ‘collection of ABBA, fleetwood mac and experimental black metal job lot’

yeah some combination of this could be a good shout. sell of the $$$ indivudually, sell the others in batches or band discographies.

do think that doing everything individually on discogs is probably still my best bet, just dunno if i can face it!

there’s ways to make it easier - order a bunch of packaging in bulk, maybe looking at how to do the postage printing at home so you can literally drop big bags off at the post office rather than taking 85 LPs up to the counter


very good shouts!

Yep. If you work at home you have flexibility, I used to use couriers that would come to the house. Weigh, measure the packages pay, print out labels and that’s it. If you can’t work from home you can do all this and just drop them off, but it’s only a selection of services (like Parcelforce) that allow this. Though some UPS and DPD drop off points are scattered around these days too.

What Fleetwood Mac you got?

I think now’s quite a good time to shift bits cos some people have a bit of xmas cash but didn’t get what they want from Santa.

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