What's a good way to sell a lot of vinyl?

everything from self-titled to mirage, plus most or all of stevie’s solo albums

Make a list and put a link up here. You will sell some without any fees (except for PayPal)

It really depends on what you are selling and given the discogs valuation online presumably I’d consider individual eBay selling. eBay has a huge username and individual listing will maximise profit. Business and music always seems cold but maximise if you are selling always. Good luck.

userbase, forgive the autocorrect.

Heard those Deafheaven albums pick up a few quid


(Hopefully that hasn’t already been done.)

Also: Fuck off Discourse:

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It’s not even proper black metal.

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here you go, then:

also selling on my discogs page but they’re cheaper above. will do deals and knock money off for anyone who buys a few and/or can meet to pick up to save me doing all the post!

PM me with any requests