What's a thing you could buy today that'll probably be worth a lot more in a couple of decades?

What things are people not giving a shit about right now that will be worth a lot in the future?

Don’t give me shit about wine, crypto, NFTs and paintings and things like that, I’m talking about the stuff that’s from the 90s that you hear about being worth shitloads now, but you probably owned one once and now you wish you’d never thrown away.

I’m wondering if any social distancing memorabilia will be on the Antiques Roadshow in future. “This is an authentic 1.5m distancing sign from the are of the COVID-19 pandemic, do you know what they used it for?”



NFT of a painting of a bottle of wine



Added NFTs to the OP


Inspiration for this thread.

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Stop trying to buy people

Any Joe DiMaggio baseball cards for the 2022s?

Box fresh crocs




Like, your own ones? I don’t think that’ll work for many people, there are a lot of photos of people naked around

they often end up valuable?

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are there limited edition fidget spinners? those, if so

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Remember when all the boomers bought up all the non energy-saving lightbulbs ?

Lol at their energy bills

Had no idea this was a thing, very disappointing

Around 2010-ish I was buying 35mm film from the pound shop. Now it’s fifteen quid a roll. You could have cashed right in if you’d bulk bought and not used it


That’s a good one, quite unexpected (to me) too

It’s a bit of everything to blame - throughout most of the 2010s people were using film less and less, so Kodak and Fuji wound down their production sites, but then a new generation came along which started pushing prices up, then the factories shut down in covid, and now raw materials prices have gone through the roof too. Oh, and exchange rates have made things even worse in the UK.

An intact matching pair of airpods


Pokemon cards