What's a thing you could buy today that'll probably be worth a lot more in a couple of decades?


Naf Naf jumpers

a house

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Beanie Babies. They’ll come round again I’m sure of it.


Brawling Brutes merchandise.

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Particularly House & Jungle 12”s & dubplates that aren’t on streaming services. Worth a fortune now

But even bog standard original LP releases of your favourite indie bands are eye-watering on Discogs

Potable water

Crap second hand Nu Rave clothing. Gen Z will get around to that revival and you’ll be able to shift it on for a mint.

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Kylian Mbappe and Haaland

Hold on, do the balloons end up in space

If your local newsagent has any of those one-off editions of the music press dedicated to a specific band, get one of those ++.

Bought an NME special on the Manics, read it once, kept it immaculate, sold it two years later. Bought for a fiver, sold for 90 quid.

++ may not work if band gets cancelled


O wow serious? I have a few of these for some reason.

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Nintendo games

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Was going to say the same. Or the brochure/book.

Didn’t buy one of these because I was going to the pub afterwards and didn’t want to carry it about all evening. Think it was a tenner. Lesson learned.


got a postcard from that somewhere printed wrong with backwards writing etc.

can i retire off that? never sold stuff before because admin, but if i can retire*

*know i can’t retire from a postcard

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A hard drive that you’ve put Wikipedia on

Dunno! Sounds pretty unusual though. Do you even get misprints anymore?

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don’t remember seeing any others, not saying much, though- probably wouldn’t register if i had