What's all the fuss with the Gilmore Girls? (feat. Spoilers for Season 8/Gilmore Girls Redux.)

Why do people suddenly loved this? I watched it when I was in university and there were endless re-runs but let’s be honest it’s a bit fucking twee, there’s a lot of hmmmm defensive privilege storylines because they’re bloody rich as fuck and live in some new england haven, and the main selling point seems to be that the two main gals talk quickly.
They do however mention the smiths quite a bit and I acknowledge that.
But otherwise, what’s the fuss over?
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People like all sorts of shit, mate, I wouldn’t worry about it.


It’s enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to being put on Netflix making it widely available for the first time here and it coming back tomorrow.

It is a good and fun show with fun (albeit sometimes excruciating) writing and well-drawn and flawed protagonists (also rare for a show to pass the bechdel test quite so emphatically)

I always assume it’s just a remake of the Golden Girls?

Am I right?

It does hold a special place in my heart, though, as the background to the painful dissolution of my relationship with The Ex, as she chose to watch endless repeats of it rather than attempt to address any of the problems we were having.

Looking forward to the new stuff!!


i started watching it through cos everyone else was talking about it, they were doing that cos its on netflix i guess.
i quite like it, generally a fan of drama series that are centred around low key character moments rather than being more plot focused.
wouldn’t watch it if Paris wasn’t there tho

Fails the much more relevant Furiosa Test though, sadly.

Dismissed it first time round. Wife’s been watching all of it again recently and I was wrong to do so. It’s really funny.

Although I too did not realise how much of a ‘thing’ it was.

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Just started this like a week ago. Finding it very easy to binge-watch. Enjoy the ‘witty-repartee’ between the characters. As a low-stress show (i.e. not a tense drama) I think it’s looking like a keeper. That said, I’m also a defender of HIMYM, Big Bang, Brooklyn 99 and Friends so I’m probably officially untrustworthy in my opinions.

(Also think the success of the Gilmore Guys podcast might have prompted some folk to re-watch/watch for the first time perhaps?)



I got into it in the gap between leaving uni and finding a job, and they were showing a couple of episodes a day on E4. As other people have said, it’s low-key, funny, has nicely drawn characters, lots of pop-culture references to make you feel smug and included, generally just heart-warming and easy to sink into. The domestic ying to the West Wing’s grandstanding yang.

Main issue I have with this is how fast they talk. It’s like all the actors have done lines of coke between takes.

It was a staple E4 daytime show for years…

Same reason why HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, OC etc. are popular.

Alexis Bledel is peng af.

Hope you’re past the early seasons…

I was going to call him out on that but I looked it up and she was apparently 19 when it first aired.

She rides with @plasticniki?

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That’s a banned act.

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actually one thing I’ve noticed on watching it now is that the characters don’t speak as quickly as i used to think they did when it was on when i was a kid. guess we’re just living in a faster age now

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