What's everyone up to on the 1st October?


Remembering to wake Billie Joe up, probably.


Ah yeah good point

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it’s a saturday, so living for it

Early Frank Loesser draft needed work

Stop ignoring your DMs m8

indyman beer con

That’s weird was only thinking of em last night after seeing this

I have a soft spot for their 1st album tbf didn’t find it quite as offensive as some of the others.

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I don’t but if its just a response that someone has liked something i sent or if its their reply to me which I dont need to reply to I can see this in the inbox anyway

That looks difficult to top!

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Recovering from Indy Man Beer Con! (which still sounds preferable to a Hard-Fi gig TBPHWY)

Or hard to beat


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390 likes! Sigh.

Going to see Hard-Fi.


They did a live stream on facebook last night. Why do I googlenl these things.