Whats everyone's favorite candle smell?

Big fan of the forest scents, pine, birch, really warming up to lavender lately though.

Fuck off with the pumpkin, vanilla, nonsense.

Scentless, electric.

Like a Christmassy spice one, like mulled wine

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Also vanilla is a top tier smell


We’ve got a caramel one that, for a candle, is alright

yeah, cinnamon-y Christmassy spice for me too

though I would probably appreciate petrol as well

Birthday candle smell, imo



Vanilla, vanilla is the best.

Good AQOS question this, best candle smell.

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Quite like the ones like ‘clean linen’ or ‘freshly washed towels’

And Christmas ones


The Gingerbread one that Home Bargains do is the best candle. It actually smells great the whole time, lasts for ages, and isn’t too sickly, and really cheap for a huge one. I tend to not use scented candles but this one is great (much better than it sounds as I don’t usually go in for those sort of sweet smells myself)

I dated someone who worked in a posh candle shop and she gave me this nice Miso one


She lit a candle for me
And I blew it out

Citrus and sage is pretty good.

Scented candles give me awful headaches :frowning:


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I will only accept fresh cotton smell

Agreed, pine, sandalwood and earthy smells or like sea salty ones.

My gf prefers the vanilla bullshit ones and it is actually a contentious issue in our house.

We usually settle for lavender or something fruity / berry

The Rock’s cooking.

I have 2 that I love, yankee candle cotton, yankee candle pink grapefruit. Both fresh lovely scents. The cake ones make me sick

Also diptyque candles smell disgusting, remember smelling them one by one with increasing outrage. £50 and they smell like that