What's exclusive to Tidal I should listen to on a free trial?

They’re offering 90 days at the moment. Thus far all I know is

The new Prince album

Jay-Z’s back catalogue

So what else? And which Jay-Z albums to listen to first?

Is Tidal any better than Apple Music or Spotify?

Reasonable doubt and Blueprint are tidal only I think. At least, they’re not on Apple Music

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Depends how much you value bitrates.
Ethically speaking: Yes
Sound Quality - Technically Yes
Software - About the same
Library - About the same
3rd Party Support - No, not many devices support Tidal


They pay more per play than the other services

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Ah OK. I used Apple Music and got pissed off with it and went to Spotify. Can’t say I have any gripes with it but always up for trying something different.

They’re all basically the same with niches.

I own high end headphones and headphone DAC so I want to make the most of it, which is why I personally switched as Tidal offer Lossless and Master quality streams. But for most people that doesn’t matter

Have you got hifi or standard?

hifi, its double the cost though

What do you mean by 3rd party support?

For example you cant use Tidal directly on Amazon Echo natively in the UK

Spotify is on everything with music playing capabilities.

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Cheers - good to know.

Works with Sonos & Roon so fine for me.

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Just downloaded the free trial (the hi-fi one) & was comparing with Spotify on my okayish bluetooth headphones and… I couldn’t tell the difference sound wise. I really wanted to, but I couldn’t. Probably says more about my headphones than anything :smiley:

Not necessarily your headphonesl. It just becomes law of diminishing returns at a certain point. There is a difference, to my ear at least, in terms of soundstage and stuff like cymbals and what have you. But I’m also plugged into a fucking £1,000 pair of headphones and £500 DAC/Headphone Amp so I’m very much in the minority. I never used HiFi for when I use it portable because its pointless.

I always think A-B tests are never that great for this sort of thing. I think you notice it more if you’ve only ever heard a lossless version of an album, and then you hear it somewhere else on mp3, then you notice it

There are times when my Tidal will switch back to High Quality from Master/Hi-Fi and after 2 or 3 songs I think ‘this seems off?!?!?’ and then I’ll look and low and behold its switched off. I’ve never got it wrong :smiley:


Hi-fi is decent if you can be arsed putting £20 in a month, my laptop is pretty dated but recent dance music etc. absolutely slaps. Spotify is still my go-to for playlists I like tweaking with my own daft artwork etc., and importing not-on-service music from MP3, but the sound quality is somewhat Atlantic 252.