What's for dinner? Banal

I just had 12 Tesco own-brand Weetabix and a small orange.

I feel really sorry for your toilet tomorrow morning.

Just ordered a chicken sandwich without the bread. Should be interesting.

Oven pizza and 4 slices of garlic bread.


Banal at 6pm!!!

Dinner thread?!

Woman has gone out with her mate.

I’ve got a chicken fajita misery pizza from Asdas and a garlic bread. Meh.

My own bodyweight in Aspalls


Having my last meal before signing up for fat club later. Had a avocado, chipotle and cheddar tortilla from Pret which would’ve been nice except they stuck a tree full of coriander in it.

Working late so might order in pad thai

I only went and burnt the fucking garlic bread, didn’t I. It’s still edible but :frowning:

Just going to meet some pals for some dinner, still don’t know what but I’m going to suggest :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:

great justification :smile:

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Discrete threads allow people who are disinterested in breakfast/lunch/dinner to still enjoy discussion about the meals they ARE interested in

I have the constitution of an ox and can virtually guarantee it’ll be of a totally acceptable consistency

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Sainsbury pepperoni pizza with lashings of ketchup.

Got some Hake, so I’ll probably throw some ginger, chilli, garlic and soy on there and put it in the oven