What's for dinner

question mark

Sausage and broccoli pasta.

what kind of sausages we talking about here

had curry for lunch so probably nothing big, but i’ve got a meeting at the pub so i do need to eat something


pizza (shit, frozen)
some kind of wrap (fish finger?)
noodles with a fried egg

i really want a fried egg but also a fish finger wrap, would it be awful to put an egg in the fish finger wrap?

chicken and avocado sandwich

Macaroni cheese with leeks that I made yesterday. Thank you Sunday Balonz.

Thanks for cleaning your wife’s car and mowing the lawn too. What a fucking hero!

hate to break this to you but ‘fish finger’ is not in fact a kind of wrap

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I want to say yes, but I’d like to try it before committing either way.

pumpkin pasta.



Either cottage pie or a big steaming shit

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*Pumpkin, I’m having pasta.

that sounds quite good actually

maybe i can time travel and convince sunday japes to make some

Salmon fillets, sweet potato mash, and some greens.

Steamed rainbow trout fillets (with garlic, sliced chillis and lemon in the foil). New potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli.

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I would like to have had mushrooms in it (but my son doesn’t like them) and a little sweetcorn (but my wife doesn’t like it).

I also have another load in a dish in the freezer!

Think they’re pork and caramelized red onion. I’d check, but they’re currently defrosting in the sink and that’s about 20 feet away from the sofa, so you can see the bind I’m in.

sweetcorn, I’m having mushrooms

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I have leftover pasta which is a bit of a snore

can you put mushrooms / sweetcorn in half of it? or does that get too complicated?

you breadcrumb the top of that bad boy? #questions