What's for dinner

Tempeh burger

Gets too complicated. I do sometimes pull that shit off.

I don’t do my toppings until the day of the cook so may go breadcrumbs but will certainly go cheese.


(probably with a side of loud eating, farts and phones)


Frederick forsyth still churning them out?

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Probably microwaved leftovers from yesterdays roast chicken dinner

have recently enjoyed some plain pasta. like i’ll have it with something else but not totally cover the pasta with sauce but eat some of it separately and it’s nice.

feels a bit wrong in a saps / omelette kind of way though

My go to ill meal is pasta with butter. Then some grated cheese and ketchup on the side for dipping.

yeah this is the whole reason i made this thread

been drawing a blank the past few days i’ve been in the supermarket

This sounds absolutely awful.

Probably isn’t, but it sounds it.

was into it until ‘ketchup’

went from fancy proper italian ‘just let the ingredients speak for themselves’ basic rustic tasty shite to something a child would demand

can’t believe you’ve cut off roary’s head

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definitely looking out for that and getting it for the nephew (/his mum and dad) /who am I kidding, me.

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can we get a little more info on the choices?

What is the pizza? What kind of chicken burgers?

could bin the salad and coleslaw and have chicken burger pizza


Get ill then treat yourself

so so scottish


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I got my daughter a Roary last week as one of her birthday presents

Kind of wish I’d got one for myself too

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oh wow
yeah not into that

This one is just olive oil and cherry toms and basil and garlic which is fine when you cook it fresh but boring as hell as leftovers. There is a high chance I will sack it off and make a stir fry.

I made vegan lemon cheesecake gu pots last night and I have one leftover and its well fit so I really look forward to that.