What's for dinner

Pizza and wedges tbh

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  • chicken balti
  • an orange

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kind of cute how gormless he is though (to me anyway)

if that was on top of a cake I’d be fucking WELL in to that. why the hell have they done that!?

ham and mushroom is alright, but as it goes I’d now be veering towards a chicken burger tbh

oh shit i thought that was a cake

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sausage and lentil stew thing from the freezer, boiled potatoes and broccoli.

How are you getting your sausages through the spiraliser? (Bit of a personal question I know)

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Bags of mini eggs (even the ‘share’ size) are woefully inadequate!

Tesco have been selling an actual £4 massive bag of mini eggs. I know because I ate one last weekend.

Yep, there were no smaller bags, just one biggie. I managed to make mine last three days and shared them out a bit, but it still felt like 3 or 4 of the normal bags.

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Roast potatoes, veggie burger, mushrooms.

Put garlic cloves in with the potatoes because I’m fancy :ok_hand::ok_hand:

You ever see those buckets of Maltesers? Just an excuse to pig out.

Chicken, lentils, broccoli. Will be much nicer than those three ingredients make it sound.

Chickpea and chorizo stew with pitta chips.

One of the best things I cook and one of the best leftovers.

I’ve changed my mind: beans on toast

Nope, but I could get on board a bucket of mini eggs!

*lies in foetal position two feet beyond the self service checkout, munching £4 of Mini Eggs*

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Can’t find it on Tezzers website but Sainsbos do them!


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Stir fry w/ some gyozas on the side.

Family bag schmamily bag

Roary easter egg