What's for lunch? #633771

I had a grilled mackerel salad and it was delicious. What are some other good strong fish flavours?

What you eatin hun

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About to have a mini mozzarella and pesto pizza with some salad I think, think there’s half a garlic baguette lurking as well.
Haven’t really eaten much in the last couple of days so don’t feel too bad about the heavy amount of carbs

Pot of fruit and a cake bar.

Had 2x black pudding sausage, 2x poached eggs, 2x hash browns and some tinned tomatoes for breakfast.

Leftover butternut squash curry and naan bread.


Veggie sausage sandwich
Haggis and black pepper (bottom of a big bag so very peppery, very good.


brunch tits. nice.


on pay day, I like to go to waitrose and get a packet of the 4.99 mild smoked salmon, stick the whole packet between two slices of bread, tin of mushroom soup, bowl of crisps, fanta.


today though I am having a felafel and hummus sandwich with tomato soup.

Went for a nice walk with some cheese sandwiches, a pack of crisps, and some Rolos

I had a tuna sandwich, it was nice and the whole process of making it went smoothly other than the part when I tried to open the tin with a garlic press instead of a tin opener.

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Hope you maintained your distance.

here he is, twenty salads and some himalayan soup incoming


Extra belegen Gouda, tomato and cucumber on light rye sourdough, with Tyrrells veg crisps on the side.


quorn crispy nuggets, brown rice, raw carrots, tomatoes, coriander and jalapeno hummus

Forced to have home-made lunches atm.

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in your TMNT lunchbox? when does term start back up again?

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surely you can get nusa delivered? i’m almost disappointed.

I did have a lunchbox but it was transparent with no colourful characters tbf

I am the opposite of a foody