What's for lunch today, on this day of Tuesday which is kind of like a Monday (for some of us) ?

Had beans on toast for the first time in maybe five years or so.

It was fine.

don’t you think that’s all soup tho

Yeah, pretty much.
Even tasty soup.

Mrs Dr Epimer has my deepest sympathies.

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I think this will be my takeaway order for Friday (with some rice and maybe a snack)

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just found out i can still work the timer on my toaster and have it click to let me know the toast is ready despite it not being plugged into the power and not actually toasting anything

so thats nice


tasty things can’t be misery things imho

Roti wrap filled with grilled aubergine, rose harissa and labneh.

Banana blueberry and strawberry smoothie and some cheesey scrambled eggs (no toast)

Infact I did actually take a pic of it

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Cheese on toast with marmite. Apple.

Average lunch.

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I had mackerel on toast with english mustard, gherkins and spring onion

Fuuuuuuuck it was really good

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Respected the poll, made the taquitos. Looks shit, tastes nice


cod goujon sandwich made by the sandwich king (my bf)

Late lunch of good noodles


baked some leftover lasagne sheets with fried aubergine and cheese and mixed italian herbs on

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Apparently this lunch was 904 calories. Not worth it.

Wtf?! What’s in the taquitos? Are they just stuffed with lard?

Chicken thigh which I suppose is pretty fatty. 15g of feta. Half an avocado. 15g of mayonnaise (which I didn’t eat so could be subtracted). It was nice but at 900 calories I’d rather eat a pizza.