What's for lunch today?

Might go to that curry place again, or my wasabi usual. Bit bored tbh, ideas please!

oi, twats!


good lad

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Lady in the shop said “You can’t have crisps AND a chocolate bar on the meal deal” and I said “I understand that, I’ll pay for the Twix” and she said “But the meal deal only comes with one of those things” and I said “Yes, I’ll pay for the chocolate bar” :grimacing: It was very stressful.


I managed to find what looks like a vegan pasta salad…but my bread roll opened up to be full of bechemel sauce so I ate around most of it and had a cheeky nibble

Got the best drink ever. I used to go through so much of this working in a French bakery

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Should I be mega naughty and get a ridiculously French pretty cake for the train home even tho it’s not vegan and it will make me a bit sick?

  • No don’t do it
  • You’ll regret it
  • Treat yo self
  • Get macaroons instead

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Got a total posh lunch today. Got a bit of leftover baguette that I’m gonna put some serrano ham on and some marinated anchovies with some oil and balsamic. All from Lidl, all good gear.

Sod all as I’ve got no cash and have left my debit card at home.

Irked. So, so irked.

don’t they have an emergency lunch fund at your work?

macaron or macaroon? pls reply

Who has that?


I like Macaroons but I meant macaron (phone autocorrected)
From laduree.


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Not that I’m aware of but if there’s any day to ask about starting one then today is as good as it gets really.

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Thread title reminds me of the prayer we used to say before lunch in primary school:

We fold our arms and softly say,
Thank you lord for lunch today,

1 x cheese and coleslaw :sandwich:
1 x salt and vin mccoys
1 x reese’s nut bar :chocolate_bar:
1 x banana :banana:

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please excuse my shitiness but I would recommend seeking out Pierre Hermé if its close to you. THE best macarons, laduree included

Ooh I could detour via here…

Soup and a sausage roll @meowington

might just go pod for a standard baguette tbh